Game that lumbers,roots and hops

What do bears, boars and wild rabbits have in common? Not all that much (except that they live in the wild), but for the sake of convenience we present them here as one group.


CINI TAL-MIJA Butcher Gozo

Wild rabbit

Rabbits come from the same family as hares but are smaller and mostly nocturnal. Wild rabbits grow up to 45 centimeters long and weigh a couple of kilos.


Slow-cook a whole rabbit, French-style: Cut up your rabbit – it isn’t very different from butchering a chicken. Brown it and cook with fried onion, garlic, bacon, wine, thyme and chicken stock for an hour or two. Then remove the rabbit and turn the juices into a mustard sauce by adding cream – and mustard. Return the rabbit to the pan and enjoy.

Or make a Spanish paella, replacing the chicken with small pieces of rabbit – apparently this was the original recipe.

You’ll find more ideas for cooking small game under cooking game.


CINI TAL-MIJA Butcher Gozo

Fillet of wild board

This is the tenderest wild boar cut. Take it slowly on the hob and your fillet will melt in the mouth. But keep an eye on it as it can quickly go dry and over-cooked. Make sure your meat has been tested for trichinosis – as all Swedish wild boar meat must be – and you’re OK to leave it on the pink side.


Fry the evenly cut fillet whole in a cast iron frying pan. Don’t let it lie in one place in the pan for too long. Turn it frequently so the heat works its way into the meat. Once it has browned slightly, turn off the heat and let the meat reach 59-61°C* in the residual heat. Serve in slices cut across the fibers. Don’t over-complicate this great-tasting cut. Salt, pepper and fresh thyme work wonders.

The basics when cooking a game fillet or small steak:

  • Fry the meat whole to retain the juices.
  • Bring to room temperature and season in good time before cooking.
  • Brown in oil and butter on a medium heat.
  • Turn the meat constantly so the heat spreads evenly throughout.
  • Use a quick and sensitive thermometer. Aim for 59-61°C.*
  • Important: Give the meat enough time to rest and even out the heat, at least 10 minutes.
CINI TAL-MIJA Butcher Gozo

Bear mince

If you can find bear mince – buy it! Mince is probably the best way of first encountering game, especially bear. It tastes great, it’s easy to cook and you get a lot of flavor for your money. And it’s always more exciting to be eating bear than it is to be eating minced beef.


In principle you can do everything with bear mince that you do with ordinary mince such as beef or lamb. The difference is the gamey flavor and the great feeling that you’re eating a natural, sustainable meat.

The basics for beef burgers and meatballs made from game mince:

  • Salt the mince in advance, to retain flavor and bind in water.
  • Add to the juiciness and sweetness with fried/roasted/baked onion.
  • Leave the mince to rest for an hour before shaping it into burgers, faggots or meatballs.
  • Fry in a mixture of oil and butter.
  • Test with a thermometer if you have one and aim for 59-61°C*.

You’ll find more ideas for cooking game under cooking game.

CINI TAL-MIJA Butcher Gozo